Consumer Units


Consumer Units and Fuse Boards

Sometimes it is necessary to replace an existing fuse board or consumer unit with a new one.  This often happens when you want to extend your property and as such, need to add more electrical circuits to an existing board, which may not have the required capacity to accept new circuits and connections.  Your existing board may be faulty or damaged, or, if you have a rental property you might be required to replace an old board to comply with existing or new regulations.

Most of the time, a replacement board will be installed in the exact same location as the existing board, or very near to it due to the amount of work and disruption required to route the wiring to another location.  An exception to this may be if you are carrying out a major refurbishment on your property with a complete rewire.  In this circumstance, it may be beneficial to install a new consumer unit to a more convenient location.

Installing a new consumer unit to replace an old board or unit is typically a fairly straight-forward job for an electrician to carry out, so it may not be as big of a job as it seems.

Benefits of replacing fuse board or consumer unit

  • Replace faulty unit
  • Extra capacity
  • Need RCDs (Residual Current Devices)
  • Reduced risk of electrical fire
  • Relocation