Happy Client Says About
Our Company

I just got myself a new Tesla and needed a car charger installing outside my house.  Tom was great and explained how it needed to be installed.  Lucky for Tom, I wanted it installing at the opposite side of the house to where my fuse board is!  Tom managed to find a way to make sure the cable from the fuse board to the charging point was well hidden.  My new car charger looks great, thank you Tom!

Lisa from Rugby

We've got a big 5 floor townhouse in Leamington that hadn't been refurbished or redecorated for 35 years!  We were going to use a builder to do everything, but we already knew Tom and wanted him to do the work.  The whole house was gutted and every single electrical wire was replaced.  Tom was brilliant at working with all the other tradespeople to make sure the right things were done and available at the right time to make sure the build continued as simply and possible.  Great job Tom!  Lets get the next house done!

Vivek from Leamington

Our garden was a mess and we knew we wanted to completely remodel it, including new lighting, water features and illuminating a fabulous piece of art sculpture we got as a wedding present 20 years ago.  Tom worked with the garden designers and builders to decide what lighting we needed and how it could be installed.  I have to say, I'm really delighted with the end result.  Finally we have a beautiful garden to enjoy and entertain our friends, family and neighbours in.  We children and their friends just loving having a BBQ in our new garden under the lighting and heating that Tom installed under the new gazebo!

Stella from Southam

I bought a new build house in Ryton that had all the usual basic white light switches and sockets.  I wanted something with a bit more shiny and snazzy to go with the shiny kitchen and marble worktops.  In comes Tom to replace the light switches and sockets with chrome plated replacements, along with some new down-lighters and a really nice big chandelier style light fitting above the dining table.  He also replaced all the down-lighter bulbs with new smart bulbs, a new Nest smart heating controller and a wired Nest Hello doorbell.  I'm so pleased with the result Tom!  The next job is some outside lighting in the garden and converting my new double garage into a home exercise studio!

Sebastian from Ryton-on-Dunsmore